Grounds for Divorce — My Foray into Learning Code

On the particular day I sat down to learn code and create a game, the mood in my house was quite stormy. Well, inspiration strikes from unusual places. I wanted to challenge myself and explore an area that I don’t particularly enjoy — HTML coding. I have basic knowledge from working with Sharepoint and I decided to create a Twine story.

Twine allows you to create a story where the user can “create their own adventure”. Once I learned the basics, I started mapping out the story. My game is based on a question that all people in relationships have to deal with. Choose wrong and well…….

There are many developer blogs and tutorials about how to build content in Twine. Each block shown here is called a “passage” where you can enter text. Using double brackets tells Twine to branch off between two options. As you build your story, you have a clear visual. Within the passages you can use html code to add sound, graphics, or change the look.

After learning more about html code, I will never say “is that it?” when I see a final product. I’m a creative person but I have a new respect for people that do this type of detailed work. I cannot imagine how much code goes into an actual video game like Skyrim.

I ended up having a lot of fun and really enjoyed playing Twine games created by other developers. Learning how to publish and host the game was harder than learning basic HTML code. But you don’t want to hear that story. You want to play!

My game works on mobile but play on your computer in Chrome to hear the sound effect I slaved over. HA!



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